This section includes following worksheets:

  1. Key Technical Specifications
  2. Cooling Tower Performance

Worksheet 1 : Key Technical Specifications

No Parameter   Units Cooling tower reference
      CT 1 CT 2
1 Type of cooling tower      
2 Number of tower      
3 Number of cells per tower      
4 Area per cell      
5 Water flow m3/hr    
6 Pumping power kW    
7 Pumping head m    
8 Fan power kW    
9 Design hot water temperature 0C    
10 Design cold-water temperature 0C    
11 Design wet bulb temperature 0C    

Worksheet 2: Cooling Tower Performance

No. Parameter reference Units Cooling tower (CT)
    CT 1 CT 2
1 Dry bulb temperature °C  
2 Wet bulb temperature °C  
3 CT inlet temperature °C  
4 CT outlet temperature °C  
5 Range °C  
6 Approach °C  
7 CT effectiveness %  
8 Average water flow kg/hr  
9 Average air quantity kg/hr  
10 Liquid/gas (L/G) ratio kg water/kg air  
11 Evaporation loss m3/hr  
12 CT heat loading kCal/hr  

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