Inspection procedure for cooling tower

Basic information:

  1. Make,
    • Model No. and no. of cells.
    • Material of construction (wooden/FRP/Pultruded /RCC),
    • Type of cooling tower (cross /counter)
  2. Tower size :Length - in Mtrs
    • (One louver column to other end of louver column in air entry side for Cross flow)
    • Width - in mtrs.
    • Height from Basin curbs level to top of fan deck level.
    • Height from Basin curbs level to top of fan cylinder level.
  3. Cold water basin size:
    • Length x width x Height of basin ( up to basin curb level)
    • Technical information: Design conditions - FRW, HWT, CWT, WBT and rel.
    • Present condition of the equipment with above parameters.
    • Mechanical drive details - Motor (Rating), fan Size, No. of blades, fan stack height), Drive shaft.
    • Fill details: type, MOC, flute details for Film type and fill and grid spacing details for V bar/Optigrid type and Volume of fill.
    • Nozzle: Orifice details and nozzle spacing for distribution system.
    • Drift eliminator: type, MOC, Area
    • Structure: Casing, Column & and fan deck, staircase etc.
    • Basin: Size, height, free board, channel outlet and screen sizes.
    • Percentage of condition for tower.
    • .Note; All the details must be enclosed along with inspection report.

Inspection procedure for cooling tower

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