The high cost of power has made manufacturers look into equipment to reduce power consumption. Cooling Towers, heat exchanger, humidification and ventilator are areas where a major saving is possible at reasonable cost for manufacturers.

What is FRP Fans?

Aerotech’s aerodynamically designed energy efficient FRP Hollow axial flow fans have helped in 20% reduction in power consumption and recovering the cost of fan in short time.

Traditionally Cast aluminum fans consume more power due to low efficiency and heavy weight. The fans operate throughout 24 hours using excess power, which can be saved by using  Aerotech’s energy efficient FRP Hollow bladed fans.

Aerotech has designed and developed structurally strong FRP hollow fans which are light-in-weight with help of USA based NACA* computerized software, having more lift and low drag airfoil shape, Engineered twist, optimized chamber to increase the fan efficiency resulting a nominal low operating cost.

Components of FRP Fans

Aerotech method of Axial Flow Fan design is based on data obtained from the combination of the blade element theory, model fan tests in a wind tunnel, and tests of full scale fans in the field. The data are plotted as curves for fans of standard theory form, making the actual operation in designing the fan very short and simple. For the analysis or design of special blade which is not conforming to the standards, the modified blade element theory is used, with airfoil section characteristics, which give resultant powers and efficiencies checking the standard model data.


Application Of Axial Flow Fans

The axial flow fans are widely used for providing the required airflow for the heat & mass transfer operations in various industrial equipment and processes. These includes cooling tower for air conditioning & ventilation, humidifiers in textile mills, air–heat exchangers for various chemical processes, ventilation & exhaust as in mining industry etc. All major industries use large number of axial flow fans operation, such as:


  • Energy efficient FRP Axial Flow Hollow fan Assemblies
  • Aluminum Axial Flow Hollow fan Assemblies
  • FRP fan Stack
  • FRP Inlet Bell Mouth For ACC
  • Drive Shaft
  • Gear Box

Range of FRP Axial Flow Fans:

  • Fan diameter : 250mm to 15000mm
  • Air Flow : 0.5 M3/s to 2500m3/s
  • Pressure : 1mm to 100mm
  • Tip speed Limit : up to 70 M/s

Range of Aluminum Axial Flow Fans:

  • Fan diameter : 250mm to 5500mm
  • Air Flow : 0.5 M3/s to 400m3/s
  • Pressure : 1mm to 100mm
  • Tip speed Limit : up to 100 M/s

Product Efficiency of Fans designed by Aerotech : 90%
Raw Materials for Blades : Epoxy / As per Client requirement
Raw Materials for Hub : Steel + Galvanized /SS/ As per Client requirement
Raw Materials for Hardware : SS-304 / SS-316/ As per Client requirement

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