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Aerotech Energy Pvt.Ltd.,We introduce ourselves as one of the renowned manufacturers of energy efficient FRP Hollow Axial follow Fans Assemblies.We regularly Supplying our products to various OEM companies for their turnkey projects in India and abroad.

Offering World's High Efficient FRP Hollow Axial Flow Fans From Aerotech.

Aerotect Energy Pvt.Ltd.( AN ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 14001-2004 Certified Company ) have designed and developed structally strong FRP hollow fans which are light in weight, having low drag and more lift aerofoil shape, optimized twist and camber to increase fan efficiency, resulting low noise and low operation cost.

Our factory is located in suburban area of mumbai,we have sufficient,competent work force assistance.Our in-house mould making gives us an edge by any fan diameter standard or non-standard in short delivery periods.

The fans are manufactured as per ASTM D-4167 standard using superior quality raw materials of FRP epoxy composites or client specified materials.Adopting a unique process,thereby ensuring proper laminated wall thickness,maintaining equal center of gravity and equal weight of each and every blade of the set.Leading edge protection coating superior surface finish enhancing errosion and corrosion resistance,UV stabilized and comfortable at high temperatures 150C with typical FRP composite.

The fans hubs are made from prime steel plate with galvanized and SS hardware/client specified,providing for easy"stand-still"adjustable pitch angle.

We have a stringent Quality Assurance Plan which ensures quality of the entire fan blades assembly with hub.All fan blades assembly with hub.All fan blades are individually load tested subjected to mechanical properties,individual moment balance of the blade and fan assemblies are dynamically/statistically balanced within limited size and larger size of fan hub dynamically balanced and blades are individually made uniform C.G and mass and given match marking on the blade to ensure null vibration and true fan efficiency.

The overall fan assemblies are light-in-weight than conventional desugned aluminium fans.These advantages ensures longer life of rotating equioment,saves power and pays for itself.The hubs are suited for mounting in your existing equipment."Match marks"having given on blades for easy to reassemble at site.

Our fans are well accepted by leading Cooling Tower companies for their projects and are operating satisfactorily in India and abroad.

Please find herewith given details of our product and its which gives you an idea of the product which we can supply to the industries.we can meet your any desired requirements upon receipt of product specified details,against that we shall forward you our techno-commercial competitive offer for your requirement.

We also make High Efficient Aluminum Axial Flow Fans to meet atmospheric conditions or when tip speed is becoming beyond the limit with considered to the fan life.

Looking out for Quality,Reliability,Timeliness,Consistency,Effective communications and Services related to procurement of Energy Efficient FRP Axial Flow Fan for entire range of Industry applications.

Factory Area :Own Land 2.5 Hectors (100000sq ft),
Plant Built Up Area - 15000 sq ft.

Machinery:Momentum Balancing Equipment,
Dynamic balancing Machine
Static Balancing Equipment
Electronic & Normal Weighing Machine
Hand Grinder Machines
Radial Drill Machine
Pedestal Drill Machine
Power Drill Machine
Lathe Machine
Welding Machines
Gas Cutter
Slotting Machine
Bunch Grinder
Air Compressor
For Hub Fabrication
Power Hex-saw
Power Roller Machine and All Necessary Tools & Equipments.

Test Laboratory : Wind-tunenel and All necessary Instruments.

Company Workers & Staff : 150 Workers + 30 Staff

Major Sectors:Power Generation Oil,Gas & Petrochemical Steel Plants Cement Plants Textile Mills Hotel & Airport Fertilizer & Chemical Plants Electrical

Major Clients:Power Generation
More than 100 Cooling Tower,Air Cooled Heat Exchanger manufacturing OEM clients from all over India and Abroad.




We introduce ourselvesas one of the renowned manufacturers of Energy Efficient FRP Hollow Axial Flow Fans Assemblies.

We regularly supplying our products to various OEM Companies for their Turnkey Projects in India and Abroad.

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